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How High-End Cabinets Stand The Test Of Time

Allen Griffin

When planning a kitchen remodel, cabinets are usually one of the most expensive, visible, and most used fixtures you can update. You might be tempted to cut corners on cabinets to save a little cash, but the choice could end up costing more in the long term. What makes high-end cabinetry worth the investment? Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing quality for your cabinets.

Solid Wood

Most high-end cabinets use solid wood for their doors and thick plywood for the remainder of the fixture. Compared to standard medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, and particle board, solid wood, and plywood are far more durable. Real wood is strong enough to survive scrapes, scratches, and exposure to steam or water. It tends to look better and last longer than MDF, and it's also more resistant to high temperatures.

Treated Interiors

Less costly cabinets are often missing small details that add up over time. As you browse options, for example, check the interior finish. Cheaper options may settle for basic painted or lacquered interiors. Over time, these can easily become chipped and water-damaged. More quality cabinets might opt instead for treated wood panels, which offer the same longevity as wooden exteriors.

Durable Hinges

Even the hinges of high-end cabinets are notably improved over their cheaper alternatives. Higher-quality hinges won't rust when exposed to steam and humidity, and they shouldn't creak, even after years of use. You may even want to look into self-closing or soft-closing hinges. Both types activate as a cabinet door closes to make sure it really shuts. Self-closing hinges pull themselves closed rapidly but may slam the door. Soft-closing hinges also snap a door shut, but they delay its momentum to do so noiselessly.

Better Repair Options

When cheaper materials like MDF or particle board are damaged, that damage is often permanent. This is due to how they're made, using compressed materials that don't necessarily flow together. Solid wood, meanwhile, can easily be buffed and repaired to hide most damage. If your kitchen is likely to see a lot of use, well-maintained wood can hold a flawless appearance for years to come.

Long-Lasting Style

Finally, consider how kitchen styles change over the decades. Many cabinets end up scrapped not because of damage, but because they're no longer attractive. High-end cabinets follow quality design principles that are more likely to hold up to homeowner scrutiny. If you want to install cabinets to last a lifetime, invest in quality over a low-budget alternative. Contact your local high-end cabinet maker today for a consultation. 



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