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Although the clinic is not the most glamorous place to be, the interior design of the space is extremely important. Oftentimes, clinics and health centers do not receive the design attention that they deserve: these spaces are usually sleek, clean, and monochrome white. Is this design beneficial for patients? Why does interior design matter for health centers, wellness centers, and wellness spaces? As an interior designer, it is crucial to ensure the overall comfort of both the patients and the staff. Your performance as a designer is extremely important in creating a safe and attractive environment. 

Traditional healthcare settings are typically stark rooms with a hospital bed and, occasionally, a window. When this setting is occupied for a longer period of time, it can become quite frustrating because the room does not have any visual appeal. Sleek, white designs have the potential to create a feeling of certainty, cleanliness, and sterility, which is why this design style is used so frequently in health centers, wellness centers, and wellness spaces. Is this interior design palette beneficial for patients who are accessing these crucial resources? 

Take a moment and reflect on the interior design you've created in the past. Did the spaces feel comfortable and warm, or were they cold and informal? Did you include art on the walls or leave them blank? Thinking about the projects you've previously worked on can be very beneficial, especially if you are working in a space you are unfamiliar with. Although designing a healthcare space can appear to be intimidating at first, there are a few simple ways you can create a space that is welcoming and inviting, while still appearing to be professional. Hanging art in a wellness center is a simple (yet effective) way to elevate a space. The art can be focused on nature, movement, or it can even be abstract. One tasteful painting can breathe a sense of peace and hope into a room. Another simple way to personalize a space is by adding greenery or plants. If taking care of plants is unrealistic in this scenario, fake plants are an excellent substitute because they add a natural element and colour to the room. Utilizing real or fake flowers can also serve a similar purpose by helping patients feel more relaxed.

Whether your next project is a wellness center, a health center, or a more general wellness space, it is crucial to ensure that some thoughtful elements are added to the space. Creating a more personalized space will allow patients and staff to feel more comfortable while working in a professional environment.

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My Home  Office Motivator

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