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Are You Considering A Walk-In Tub For A Senior Loved One? 4 Safety Features That Go Beyond The Low Step

Allen Griffin

Senior-proofing your loved one's bathroom involves eliminating risks to their safety that could happen when they are doing something as mundane as bathing. While you already likely know about how helpful it is to eliminate unnecessary steps that could cause your loved one to lose their balance and fall, you may not be aware of just how many safety features are packed into a single walk-in tub. As you consider your options for using one to improve your loved one's quality of life, be sure to think about these safety features that go beyond just eliminating slip-and-fall accidents.

Avoid Glass Breakage With Durable Materials

Seniors often opt for showers over trying to sit down in a traditional tub that does not have a seat. Showers may also be your loved one's best bet for avoiding a step up and over the bathtub wall in their current bathroom set up. Although this works fine as a temporary solution, taking a shower also comes with risks. Shower stalls and doors are usually made from glass that can break if your loved one tries to use them to maintain their balance. A walk-in model bathtub eliminates this risk because it is made from durable materials that do not include glass.

Take a Breather With a Built-In Seat

Bathing can be a lengthy process for seniors that leaves them feeling fatigued within only a few minutes. Your loved one might also get dizzy if they need to lean their head back to wash their hair. A bathtub with a built-in seat allows them to sit down. You'll even find tubs with special inclined seats that make it easier for seniors to rinse their hair out without so much strain.

Feel Steadier With Slip-Proof Textures

Walk-in tubs for seniors should also include non-skid texturing on the bottom of the bathtub. This gives your loved one an easy place to put their feet where they don't have to worry about suddenly sliding across the floor. Depending upon the model that you choose, you can also find slip-proof handgrips and seats that are more comfortable for your loved one to use.

Prevent Burns With an Anti-Scald Valve

Your loved one's aging skin is thinner than it used to be, and bathing opens up the risk for accidental burns. Look for a walk-in tub with an anti-scald valve. These contain a thermostatic control valve that regulates the flow of hot and cold water as it comes out of the faucet. You can set this valve to the appropriate level of regulation so that your loved one is always able to enjoy the right temperature of water for their safety coming out of the faucet.


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