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2 Planning Tips for Choosing a New Vanity for Your Bathroom

Allen Griffin

If you have grown tired of the way your home's bathroom looks, you may have decided that it is time to completely remodel it. As part of your remodeling project, you may have reached the point in the process where you need to choose a bathroom vanity. However, before you simply go to the store and pick out one that you like, use the following tips to carefully plan out your selection to ensure that you choose the right vanity for your bathroom as well as your household's needs.

1. Consider the Available Space Before Deciding on the Design

Before you start thinking about style, colors, and materials, the first thing you should do before buying a bathroom vanity is making sure that you have an accurate view of the space in which it will be installed. If you choose a vanity that is too small, its size will be overpowered by the size of the room. Or, if you choose one that is too big, it may overpower the room itself.

Measure the maximum space that you feel the vanity will fit into. Then, think about whether the size of the room can handle the size of the vanity. For a smaller bathroom, you may not want to go to the maximum size, and for a larger bathroom, you may want to consider going larger to make the vanity look proportionate to the space.

2. Decide Who in Your Household Will Be Using the Bathroom Vanity

After taking measurements and considering the proportions of the vanity compared to the bathroom, the next step in planning the design of your new vanity is deciding on who in your household will be using it. This can help determine what features will be required as well as those you can do without.

For example, if you and your spouse will be using the vanity along with several teenagers, you may want to consider a design that has multiple drawers so that everyone has their own space in which to store personal hygiene items as well as two sinks. If it is just you and one other person, you may be able to get buy with a couple of drawers and one sink. 

Taking the time to plan out the space and usage of your new vanity can help ensure that you make the right selection. Speak with someone at a bathroom vanity store if you need further guidance on making your choice, as well as have them show you what various options they have.


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