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Five Resourceful Uses For Your Modular Two-Car Garage

Allen Griffin

A modular garage is a practical option if your home doesn't have an attached garage. You may build your own wood or steel portable garage from a kit or order one fully assembled. Suppose you've acquired a large two-car portable garage, yet currently own one vehicle. Depending upon your interests, you might utilize the extra space for anything ranging from a private writing oasis to a photography studio.

Before you begin the conversion, you might want to consider hiring a contractor for electrical wiring of your portable structure. This will be necessary for lighting and the use of equipment that runs on electrical power.

Here are three innovative ways to utilize your modular garage:

1. A Fitness Room/Compact Home Gym

Setting up a home gym has a few advantages, including no membership fees and being able to workout at any time of the day or night. Unfortunately, not every homeowner has enough indoor space to accommodate the placement of exercise equipment. If this applies to you, why not put those portable buildings to good use?

Depending upon the space you have to work with, you might set up a fitness room that includes cardiovascular equipment such as a treadmill or elliptical machine, in addition to strength training equipment. The latter may include an all-in-one leg curl attachment, as well as an upper and lower body pulley system. Accessories such as resistance bands and barbells may be stored on the prefabricated shelf that many portable garages are equipped with.

If you can afford the extra expense, consider using a portable air conditioner in your converted gym to keep you from overheating while exercising.

2. Your Private Writing Oasis

Whether you do freelance writing for pay or creative writing for pleasure, this is an idea to consider. It's often difficult to formulate writing ideas amid the clamor of household distractions. As many writers know, privacy and tranquility helps to keep the creative juices flowing.

When converting your portable garage into a personal writing sanctuary, consider the items you use most. This may include a laptop or PC, a compact computer desk and an ergonomically-designed chair. If your modular garage has several shelves, use them to store books and other writing essentials.

To calm your senses, consider setting up a nature sounds machine, or one that uses white noise to block out distracting sounds. If you prefer music as you write, set up a portable audio system.

3. A Mini-Photography Studio

Are you an amateur photographer with minimal indoor space to store your equipment or capture and display photos? Why not convert your portable garage into a compact photo studio? If your portable building includes one or two large windows that offer plenty of natural light, you have a good setting.

Place your photo lighting equipment near the window for better results. A swing arm table lamp works well in tight spaces. You won't need the flash from your camera to take indoor shots if you have sufficient indoor light.

When setting up your converted photo studio, don't forget the backdrop. You might consider placing a stand near the window, and draping a background material onto it. You might choose solid colors for your background, or various patterns.

4. Small Music Room

Does your child's drumming or guitar practice disturb other household members? If so, converting your modular garage into a music room could be the solution. If need be, relocate the portable garage further away from the house.

You might also consider sound-proofing your newly acquired rehearsal room. Soundproofing insulation and barriers are sold at most home improvement stores. Also, line the perimeter of your modular garage door with aluminum door seals, another product sold at home improvement stores.

5. Game Room

If your modular garage is large enough and unused, convert it into a fun-filled family game room. Set up a pool table with a rack for cues. Hang a dart board on the garage wall. Scout local flea markets for retro-style arcade machines, and add a gaming chair or two.

If a traditional game room set-up is too costly for you, you can still use your portable garage to entertain the kids. Alternatively, you might use the modular building as a child's playhouse. You're only limited by your imagination, so get creative.

In conclusion, inquire about possible zoning ordinances if you plan on adding on or modifying your portable structure. 


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